The Organizing and Programme Committees invite you to take part in the XXI Russian Accelerator Conference.

Organizing Committee
Co-Chairman A. Lebedev FIAN
B. Sharkov ITEP
Scientific Secretary А.В.Серов FIAN
Members: N. Alekseev ITEP
  S. Ivanov IHEP
  A. Kozodaev ITEP
  L. Kravchuk INR RAS
  E. Levichev BINP SB RAS
  V. Maksimov FAAE
  E. Malinovskiy FIAN
  V. Matveev INR RAS
  G. Trubnikov JINR
  Yu. Shatunov BINP SB RAS
  G. Shirkov JINR
  M. Vorogushin NIIEPA
Programme Committee
Chairman A. Skrinskiy BINP SB RAS
Co-Chairman I. Meshkov JINR
Scientific Secretary A. Smirnov JINR
Members: A. Agafonov FIAN
  S. Ivanov IHEP
  L. Kravchuk INR RAS
  V. Parkhomchuk BINP SB RAS
  V. Romanov PEI
  Yu. Shatunov BINP SB RAS
  P. Zenkevich ITEP
Secretary Ms. E. Ahmanova JINR
Conference topics
  1. Modern trends in accelerators
  2. Colliders
  3. Particle dynamics in accelerators and storage rings, cooling methods, new methods of acceleration
  4. High intensity cyclic and linear accelerators
  5. Heavy ions accelerators
  6. Synchrotron radiation sources and free electron lasers
  7. Magnetic, power supply, and vacuum systems
  8. Superconducting accelerators and cryogenics
  9. RF power structures and systems
  10. Control and diagnostic systems
  11. Ion sources and electron guns
  12. Medical and industrial applications
  13. Radiation problems in accelerators


The Conference will take place in the comfortable pension “Zvenigorodskiy” (70 km west from Moscow) with total capacity 250—270 persons. The pension is located in a picturesque country place and offers a lot of additional attractions (bars, saunas, evening movies etc.).The Conference time coincides with the “Indian summer” end, so a good weather could be forecasted. We expect also interesting excursions over monasteries of ancient Zvenigorod town.

Conference schedule

The Conference includes invited review reports (40 min), oral presentations (20 min), and stands (140 x 70 cm) sessions. The official languages are Russian and English. To be included in the Conference program abstracts in English (.doc format) must be submitted before 31.05.08. The authors will be informed of the decision of the Programme Committee on admittance and form of presentation of their reports after 01.07.08.


The list of participants, titles of papers, and abstracts will be available on the Conference web-site . The Conference Proceedings (in English) will be published in the Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACOW) All participants will get a CD copy of the Proceedings. Hard copies will be available for additional fee.

Admitted reports (1 electron version +1 hard copy) should be handed in the Organizing Committee on the first day of the Conference. The reports from the FSU countries have to satisfy the existing rules. Electron versions should meet the JACOW requirements (see


Applicants should pass the preliminary registration procedure on the Conference web-site, filling the attached form. The registration at JACOW site is required as well.

Conference fee

For foreign participants the registration fee is equal to 700 euros and 400 euros for an accompanying person. This amount covers accommodations (single and double rooms with shower), 4 times/day meals, organizing expenses, an electron copy of the Proceedings, a Conference set, a cultural program, coffee breaks, a banquet, and transportation to and from the Sheremetyevo-2 airport (or Zvenigorod railway station).Note that the fee can be increased if paid

after 01.09.08

For participants from Russia and FSU we foresee the registration fee (at the level of 10,000 roubles) bearing in mind a possible support from Russian official organizations. We expect also a partial or even total discount for young scientists and students (special application required).

Contact addresses

Scientific Secretary Dr. A. Serov Coordinator Ms. E. Ahmanova
119991 Leninskiy pr.,53 141980 Jolio-Curi str.,6
P.N.Lebedev Phys. Institute JINR, LNP
Tel: +7 - 495 - 334-04-59 Tel:+7-496-216-44 - 92
FAX: + 7 – 495 – 132 – 65-67 FAX: + 7 – 496 – 216 –53-22